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What is NCIS Verse?

NCIS_VERSE is an interactive challenge community based on the television shows NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles . Once you apply and have been placed on a team you take part in challenges, could be anything from graphics, writing, games, to just plain luck there are lots of options! As the game goes on every team will gather points and at the end of a round the team with the most points will win glory, honor and a nifty banner. Then all the points will be gone and we start again :) The current round-info will be in the sidebar.

Some basic rules of participation:

Spoilers - The shows for this community are currently airing.. We ask that you not use an episode till a full week has passed since it aired.

NO bashing - This is a fansite, run by a fan. Please don't bash other members. Do not bash actors or characters.. If you don't like the show, you shouldn't be here. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, just don't be cruel about it.

You need to participate -
This comm can only work if you participate.. I am more generous about this than other comms.. If you don't participate in 3 weeks time you will be cut from your team.

Read and follow challenge rules -
You will not be given points if you do not follow the rules of the challenge. Below are some things that continue to come up.
  • Voting - Please follow the voting rules closely. If you do not, your vote will not count.
  • A certain number of an item has been asked of you - Some challenges ask for sets of things, if you only do part of the set, you will not get the points or be moved onto the next portion of the challenge if there is more to it.

SigTag/Team Icons:
We would like to know what team you play for and this is a fun way of letting us know all your information in one shot! Once you're placed on a team you are encouraged to make a signature banner, or request someone on your team to make one for you.

The maximum size is 300x150 and must include your team name as well as your name or username

Team icons are userpics that are 100x100 pixels and less than 40kb that can be used in place of your sigtag. They do carry the same information though. Name and Team name.

Tag banners may be used in every challenge unless otherwise stated as you receive an extra point every time you use it. However, it must be posted the first time and not edited in after.

Apply here:
Now that you have the basics down..

Click here and fill out the application!

Don't worry, it's not hard, it's just so we can place you on a team.
In the application there is a spot that says EXTRA.. In this spot I would like you to give me the name of your favorite episode so I know that you read the rules.

Some other questions that may come up:

What if a challenge I am not good at comes up?
Give it a go anyway! You never know you may find a hidden talent! But, even if you don’t it is participation that counts not skill! You will always get points for participating. You may find you aren’t the only one making stuff up as you go along!

What if I have to leave the community?
We understand that life can get hectic or busy or that you may lose interest in fandom. If you need to leave for any reason leave us a note at the opt out post in the sidebar and let us know you are going. We will be sad to see you go, but you will be welcome back at any time you have time to rejoin us!

What if I have a question about a challenge?

You can ask right there on the challenge, we will provide a thread at the start of the comments of each challenge for questions.

What if I have a general question?
You can ask a comment over at the page-a-mod post listed in the sidebar and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


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Welcome to ncis_verse, the interactive challenge community based on the hit shows NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.

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Team Bullpen
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Team Bullpen
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Team Lab
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Team LA

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